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About Us

A Natural Way to Heal

Dr. Naeem uses his 29 years of extensive medical expertise as a former MD,( trauma surgeon and general practitioner), to his practice as an Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and hypnotherapist to give his patients unsurpassed healing with acupuncture as well as other healing modalities. Our unique holistic approach allows us to help our patients get the best possible treatment success. 

We have been practicing in Frisco, Texas for 13 years and we take great pride in caring for our patients by addressing their concerns, as well as answering any questions that arise. Make an appointment and see why he has become the leading acupuncturist in Frisco, Texas and the surrounding areas. 

Please see our Conditions We Treat as well as Services to see how we can help you!

$110 First Session $85 Subsequent Sessions

Balance Your Body Energy and Heal Your Pain

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Acupuncture Needles

Herbal Medicine
$110 First Session With Herbal Formula
Additional Formulas $55

A Personal Approach To Health, Custom Herbal Formulas

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$200 Each Session

Changing Unhealthy Patterns

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Recent Reviews

Our Patients’ Experiences

Dr. Naeem is a magician!
I had annoying chest pain for about a year. My physician sent me to make lab tests, an ultrasound of the chest, CT scan of the chest and found nothing. He could not tell what's the issue. Then I looked at acupuncture for the first time in my life. Two other doctors I found online gave me weird diagnoses and wanted to sign me up for prolonged treatment at a high cost. When I came to Dr Naeem, he very quickly identified the diagnosis (rib joint inflammation) and fixed the problem with just 3 visits in two weeks. He is a very honest and nice person. Highly recommend.

Artem Bondar

I am new to acupuncture and found myself in need of focused attention. After reading online reviews, I decided Naeem's Acupuncture was the best option.

I was experiencing under eye swelling due to food sensitivities and other factors. I had met with several doctors, including an allergy specialist, to see how best to remedy this. Each time I was met with a brick wall and became extremely deflated when I wasn't unable to find a resolution.

After just four appointments, Naeem was able to eliminate my eye swelling. The appointments were relaxing, and Naeem was extremely professional. He has deep medical knowledge and truly cares about his patients.

Beyond solving my immediate problem, I have also found that my mind is more clear, I have greater energy and my eyes are brighter.

Highly recommend Naeem to anyone who is facing challenges. He is a miracle worker!

Kristin W

For two months I suffered severe paining my cervical spine from a pinched nerve. My visits with medical doctors and physical therapists proved unsuccessful and expensive. Within one treatment with Naeem the pain was reduced by 50%. Upon my second acupuncture treatment I was pain free. He is very kind and professional. I highly recommend all his services. You will be amazed at Naeem's ability and leave much happier and healthier!!

Michelle Matie


Hours of Operation

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Monday - Friday
10:00am - 7:00pm

Call us with any questions or to make an appointment

 4645 Wyndham Lane Suite 250A- Frisco, Texas 75033



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