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Our Patients’ Experiences

Dr. Naeem has been treating me for years. I have degenerative discs (diagnosed in 2006) and have had neck and back issues for years, as a result. After many years of injections and ultimately having a fusion of C5/C6/C7 in 2015, I was ok for a few years but eventually started to experience numbness and tingling in my left arm and decided to try acupuncture for it. My body was stubborn and it took many sessions before the tingling just disappeared. I go to weekly sessions with Dr. Naeem and he addresses any new aches and pains that I am experiencing each week. As an additional benefit...The acupuncture has helped keep me healthy from colds and sickness too. I highly recommend Dr. Naeem! Thank you!

Teresa Miller

I have used Dr. Naeem's acupuncture for the 4 years since I moved to Frisco in 2019. He is the best acupuncturist I have ever had! His acupuncture keeps my sinus congestion in check during the cold weather and fall pollen times which I am sensitve to. I come in congested; I leave breathing freely, with no nose or head congestion. Also, Dr. Naeeme has given me many life tips to mange my seasonal sinus problems between my appointments with him. This is the benefit of having both a "western doctor" and an "eastern doctor". He treats my problems holistically. He's the best! Plus, he is good with needles, as in no pain!

Terry Whitley

Dr. Naeem offers a tremendous service.He has successfully helped me with pain & stress reduction as well as a prolonged use of my injured hips before surgery. He also supported my return to health after a cancer diagnosis. He is a skilled & professional acupuncturist. He is compassionate, caring & kind- I am so grateful to have found him!

Thank you Dr. Naeem!

P Casey

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